Apply now

Closing date for application 15 September

Panel members will be randomly chosen  

To do this, we need a pool of applicants of around 30 to 40 people. From this pool, a 15-member panel will be randomly chosen to reflect age, gender and social background that roughly mirrors the local population.  For a more detailed explanation of the recruitment process click here

Please apply!

As an incentive we are offering a £50 shopping voucher.

This will be awarded at the end of the citizens panel process (five sessions, each session 2 hours)  as recognition of  your commitment to this process.

Application to the panel is open to everyone living locally and no knowledge of homelessness issues is needed.  All we ask is that you have:

  • an open mind
  • a willingness to learn
  • a willingness to change your opinion based on what you learn
  • a willingness to respect fellow panel member’s opinions where they are different to your own.  

For information  on how we use the personal information you give us, please see our privacy policy

If you want to know how we apply random selection, please see How We Recruit for more details.

If you are not chosen, please don’t be disappointed. You still have a vital role to play by contributing to the wider discussion on this website.  Every comment will be read and weighed, even if we cannot respond to each one.

This website will serve as an open public record of the citizens panel, both its findings and  the broader online public conversation. If you want to be updated on the progress of the citizens panel and join in the conversation, click the Get Updates button below.   However before commenting, please take a look at our Conversation Guidelines.

The final report of the citizens panel will be published on this website. We will submit the report to:

  • Penzance Town Council 
  • West Penwith Community Network Panel
  • Cornwall Council
  • Derek Thomas MP
  • all local constituency parties

In each case we will ask for a response and all responses (including non-responses) will be posted on this website.