Online Conversation Guidelines

This website will act as a public record of the deliberations of the citizens panel as well as responses by local people to its findings. We aim to invite nine speakers over a five week period and a record of each presentation will be posted online for everyone to view and comment on.

Beyond that, local people may wish to comment independently and we especially welcome thoughtful comments and observations based  on personal experience  of low wages, high rents or homelessness. Every comment and observation will be read and weighed even if we cannot respond to each one.

Conversation guidelines

Because this website will be a public record, we ask you to help us ensure that this online resource is of value to everyone – our elected representatives as well as the broader public.  To this end, please could you abide by the conversation guidelines we set out below and encourage others to do the same. This enables  everyone to feel safe and comfortable in expressing their opinions without fear of abuse or personal attacks. We ask you to:

  • Be Polite
  • Use measured language
  • Dont abuse or attack others
  • Respect opinions that are different to your own

Robust disagreement with others is fine –  just be polite and use measured language